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  • What questions to ask our Mentors?
    Our Mentors have been on the same journey like yours whether it's coming to study in Australia or finding first professional job in Australia they have done it all. How to build your resume in Australia? How to find good university in Australia? Do employers care about your Bachelors or Masters GPA? Is PR necessary to find a job in Australia? How to find part time job? Which are the best cities in Australia? How to find cheap accomodation in Australia? How to save money in Australia?
  • Would mentors provide you job?
    No! The mentors will not provide you a job they will prepare you in guding to get a job at your desired company.
  • What is know your mentor session?
    Know your mentor is a free session if provided by a specific mentor where you can ask a mentor about their journey. It is a free session and we highly recommend to have this sessions before booking paid session.
  • Can I ask for refund?
    Yes! If you are not happy with your one to one session with mentor please provide the feedback on and after reviewing it we can process your refund.
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